Writing Dilegently


Who is writingdilegently?

Is she me?

Is she a she?

Or an it?

Well, I am the creator.

Or am I.

WD was inside me all along….

Is WD my child.

Yes. That is fit.

I nurture it.

I love it.

I teach it.

Yes, my child.

WD speaks what I am thinking.

What I tell it to say.

What I cannot say.

But am I in control?

Or am I truly the one with no will?

Stuck it this pattern.


I see the truth.

Writingdilegently is my


And it feasts

On my entirety.


– writingdilegently


A question


This might sound crazy but……

Is there anyone else that reminisces in third person?

When I recall a memory, I always see it from an outwardly point of view as if I’m looking at myself. Does this happen to anyone else?


– writingdilegently