A sudden thought

Struck my mind

‘God has a plan for us all.’

What if that plan includes us not believing?

But that would hinder our believes wouldn’t it.


Come at me Catholic Church.

– writingdilegently


The hug theory


‘I wonder what the guy who invented the hug was thinking.” That’s what I heard the other day. So the question was there, naturally, I had to come up with a plausible answer.

This is my hug theory;

It wasn’t a man who invented the hug. Nor any adult for that matter. No, hugs were invented my children, no, infants. Yes, infants. In the beginning of our beginning, we clung to our mothers. We clung, and they held us in their arms. That is where the hug came from. As we grew older, the hug continued to hold strong. We use it to show that we crave affection, or security.

– writingdilegently