Drawing on my skin


Sharpie markers in hand

A pen to make my outlines

I doodle my heart out on my skin

Little phrases and words

To reflect my thoughts

Smiles and flowers

Hearts and quotes

Black and white

Full color

Drawing on my skin

Don’t draw on yourself Angelina

Don’t draw on yourself

Don’t draw on myself?

But I am a blank canvas

Is it my fault

That my doodles look better on flesh

That my colors flow better

That my images look more real

You are going to get ink poisoning

Oh yes please tell me again

I didn’t hear you the first time

Just get tattoos

I like having options.

But if I do end up sick

My skin only showing the ink that it’s bled

I’ll smile bright eyed

Don’t ever say I didn’t suffer for my art

– writingdilegently




I love tattoos

The perminent ink

Forever on the body

The devotion of an idea



Thats how I see it


I love realistic ones

Beautiful ink

My father has a few

They bring him closer

To his culture

I like the way they look


Not blemishes

I like drawing on my skin

The blacks and blues

And words and flowers

And skulls and tribal

I like to ink up

Other’s skin

The smiles and looks

Of proud canvases.

Could I do this for a living?

– writingdilegently