Meet me


I want to meet you again in 10 years
When we are older and grown
When our bodys don’t hurt from growing
And we have the freedoms to do
As we will permit ourselves
Maybe I’ll message you first
Or maybe you will
We’ll see each other again
And say hey,
“Did you accomplish all that you’ve whispered to me?”
I want to know who you’ll become
And how you’ll become it.
I’m more interested in future you
Than I am in current you.

~ Writingdilegently


Stay away from me


I was so rude to you today
I was so out of character
I avoided you while in the sane room as you
Didn’t even say hello to you
But I’m not sorry for it
No way and I sorry for that
If you really wanted to speak to me
You could’ve came after me
If you really wanted to see me
You would’ve called after me
Is funny that you got her
But spend so little time with her network
You cut me off
So I’ll cut you off back
Cause they say its all fair
Now that love has turned to war

What would you say if you saw….


That one person who hurt you?
Who brought your world crumbling.
Something rude most likely
That they don’t deserve love
That they need to go to jail
Or something very vulgar.
Something true most likely
That you love them
That you still care about them
Or something heartfelt.
But the problem with that
Is when you actually get a chance, you don’t say those things.
Because then, that person
The one that caused you so much pain,
They get everything.
You get to keep your last words to them private
Because they are your words
Simply to be felt and never spoken


A letter to my real world demons


To those I shall not name today
Or any day here after.
You have brought me to my worse
And ripped down my best days.
And I thank you.
Because with out you
I would not know that I could build
Back up.
Some of you I summoned
By my own misgivings.
And for that
I am truly sorry.
Because you didn’t need
To be brought down with me.

– Writingdilegently

A Story Can Destroy


Take a page
Or a paragraph
A matter of fact
Take one line
From one of those books
That rest lazily on my self
And you will know why
The hearts of so many kids
Are riddled with
Pain and wisdom
Books don’t make you happy
Not all the time
And the best ones weren’t meant to
They were meant to pull you apart
Make you actually think
About life
And the meaning of the world
Reading is dangerous
Because when you get involved
There is no chance to block
Your deepest feelings
You just feel

– Writingdilegently

Paper Hearts


Ripped in two




The children of today

We walk around

With paper hearts

We are open to so much

And receive so much abuse

But it’s not all bad

Some days

we throw glitter on those hearts

Or iron out the creases

We often draw smiles on them

Because we know

That our hearts won’t beat forever

So we give them out

And live them up

– writingdilegently



Everyone has a favorite tune. Or favorite song, or even band. Music has a crazy way of attacking us. Of reaching us. If you can’t describe how you feel, most likely there is a song that catches your emotions perfectly. Music is such an important thing for us because it reaches the masses regardless of age, race, social standing or even language. Music breaks all the berries that our society has drawn up to separate us. When you think about it, music is revolutionary. It can change everything in a single persons life, or the whole world.

– writingdilegntly