New adventures


I’m coming up on a new

Boat to ride.

I have just one more sea to sail

Before I step on board.

My ship mates will change

My first mates will stay but many others will simply jump

Over board.

I am excited to see new waters,

Fight for new treasures, And redraw some maps…


I’m coming up on a new trail to hike up.

I see the fork in the road,

With many twists and turns.

My party will divide, some walking a new path

Others following me on mine.


There is a new wonder of the world,

Growing in tomorrow lands,

Hiding past the badlands.

I want to be the first to explore it.

The first to become engulfed by its mystery.


On Shakespeare’s

‘Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow’

A brand new quest, brought by fate, shines

Its light

On new adventures.


Angelina Rosa, diligently writing for you Writingdilegently






I have forgiven my sorrows

For burring heated embers

Into the creases and crevices of my happiness.

I have allowed for the pain to

Swiftly ride about within my rib cage.

I have given in to the screams of

The beasts and allowed them to wreck

Havoc upon my world

And I did so quietly.


-Angelina Rosa

Diligently writing for you, WritingDiligently

To That Shady Girl


There we stood: Face to face on that date

Ready to launch attack in this debate.

I had my pros while you felt your cons.

We both tied poems to the facts we lit,

And to catch fire to the words you spit,

You pulled from quotes with power but no relevance,

And so I looked poorly towards your deliverance.

You see, from my mouth flows words not stolen from another

And from that alone you should call me mother-


For, when its needed, I can catch a rhyme

And call my quote all mine every time.


– Angelina Rosa

Diligently Writing for you, WritingDilegently

Showing Myself: Entry 5


I believe that people are morally good.
And that has been my downfall proven countless times
In a short breath of life.
But I can’t shake the fact that there is still good in the many.
I’ve been pulled apart by those I’ve put my trust into and
Yet I keep placing my trust within new hopefuls.
I feel like the things you see in the world are only equal to the things you assume are within yourself.

Diligently writing for you, Writingdilegently, Angelina Rosa

Meet me


I want to meet you again in 10 years
When we are older and grown
When our bodys don’t hurt from growing
And we have the freedoms to do
As we will permit ourselves
Maybe I’ll message you first
Or maybe you will
We’ll see each other again
And say hey,
“Did you accomplish all that you’ve whispered to me?”
I want to know who you’ll become
And how you’ll become it.
I’m more interested in future you
Than I am in current you.

~ Writingdilegently

Reciting to myself


With the door shut and the water running
I recite my words to my best and worst audience.
To my face in the steaming mirror or to my ears with the water running down my back
The shower is my best stage
There I don’t worry about the opinions and disagreements.
I can edit and unedit with ease.
Scratch that line
Respeak it this way.
I can express my ideas pridefully
With hands moving with my excitement through the air.
I could go on for hour and hours
Expressing observations and opinions clearly and poeticly.
All my thoughts end up sounding perfect to me
Some end up on a page or on a webpage like this one.
In fact I wish they all end up here.
But most get lost from me, get lost in the passion and never make it to a physical form.

You must look professional


You must look
Ready to be on the book
Be on your very best
Shirts button downed and pressed

The professional way
Must be better than okay
Slacks zipped
Better have not ripped

But wait
I don’t want to work nine to eight
Let’s get a cape
To give that word a better shape

Describe them as working white collar
Nothing close to a bawler
Wearing a suit
Trying to shy from cute

How you define it makes me skeptical
Go to Google you’ll get the real fill
Someone who has complete knowledge or skill

So do not look down on me
For swapping those slacks for jeans
Or choosing a jumper
Instead of a suit
Or my colleagues
For having their skin colored in
Or their ear lobes long.
We dress for the jobs we want
Not the ones you expects us to get

– Writingdilegently