New adventures


I’m coming up on a new

Boat to ride.

I have just one more sea to sail

Before I step on board.

My ship mates will change

My first mates will stay but many others will simply jump

Over board.

I am excited to see new waters,

Fight for new treasures, And redraw some maps…


I’m coming up on a new trail to hike up.

I see the fork in the road,

With many twists and turns.

My party will divide, some walking a new path

Others following me on mine.


There is a new wonder of the world,

Growing in tomorrow lands,

Hiding past the badlands.

I want to be the first to explore it.

The first to become engulfed by its mystery.


On Shakespeare’s

‘Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow’

A brand new quest, brought by fate, shines

Its light

On new adventures.


Angelina Rosa, diligently writing for you Writingdilegently






I have forgiven my sorrows

For burring heated embers

Into the creases and crevices of my happiness.

I have allowed for the pain to

Swiftly ride about within my rib cage.

I have given in to the screams of

The beasts and allowed them to wreck

Havoc upon my world

And I did so quietly.


-Angelina Rosa

Diligently writing for you, WritingDiligently

To That Shady Girl


There we stood: Face to face on that date

Ready to launch attack in this debate.

I had my pros while you felt your cons.

We both tied poems to the facts we lit,

And to catch fire to the words you spit,

You pulled from quotes with power but no relevance,

And so I looked poorly towards your deliverance.

You see, from my mouth flows words not stolen from another

And from that alone you should call me mother-


For, when its needed, I can catch a rhyme

And call my quote all mine every time.


– Angelina Rosa

Diligently Writing for you, WritingDilegently

Showing Myself: Entry 5


I believe that people are morally good.
And that has been my downfall proven countless times
In a short breath of life.
But I can’t shake the fact that there is still good in the many.
I’ve been pulled apart by those I’ve put my trust into and
Yet I keep placing my trust within new hopefuls.
I feel like the things you see in the world are only equal to the things you assume are within yourself.

Diligently writing for you, Writingdilegently, Angelina Rosa

Showing Myself: Entry 4


I’ve taken the time to appreciate my body
My own curves and curls and marks and scars
All the little things on me.
I’ve come to know that they don’t make me me.
What makes me me are the feelings inside my heart and the thoughts swimming in my brain.
I don’t care about the numbers on a scale.
I care about the smile on my face and the joy in my eyes.
I love what I have and how I will change.
And that path to acceptance….
It has been a battle at the least.

Writing diligently for you, Writingdilegently, Angelina Rosa

Showing Myself: Entry 2


I see her with the same eyes I see him.

I look at her hips with the same glazed over expression when gazing at his.

His laugh and her smile sit at the same magical heart driving joy.

I’d be quick to kiss him.

Just as quick to kiss her.

And I do not feel lesser for it.

I do not feel the need to justify why I eat both apples and oranges

But yet I’m expected to know why I can enjoy both sexes just as simply.

Just as naturally.

I was looked at funny for standing up for her rights while holding his hand.

Been talked down to for emphasizing his point of view while holding hers.

I’m expected to take both up at once,

But for me, love should be devoted to just one person at a time.

For me, monogamy works. And I don’t have to choose a set of genitalia to pursue to show that.

The personality is more captivating than identification.


Diligently writing for you, WritingDilegently, Angelina Rosa


Authors Note: This was hard to get out. Even harder to publish. For me, sexuality defines only a part of me. Its something more comfortably shown to friends than family. And I’m sure my family will read this. (GULP). But this feels good. Feels right. I’m too comfortable in myself to hide any part of me. Thank you for reading, and to all members of the LGBT+ community, don’t be ashamed of who you are, your sexuality is a part of you but it doesn’t have to define you. Lots of love. ❤

Running on sad


It like all these kids decided to stop listening to their minds, stopped searching for their souls, and have a tiredness that sleep can’t shed. I see all these painted smiles and pulled up hoddies. I hear silent calls for attention but no words to call to action. I smell sweat and pot and desperation. I feel the aches, the pains, the wallows and moans. Like they are showing the world that they feel defeated and the world doesn’t know how to get them to start trying.