Showing Myself: Entry 1


The making of a man starts at his core beliefs;

So does the making of a young woman.

Beliefs are the center of a person.

Mine sit in my heart and lay in disarray in my thoughts.

They stand ready to defend themselves.

Even the sick and fleeting still want a fighting chance to stay.

They are simply what makes me Me.


Love is, I believe, alive.

She can grow and change. She is not limited to the old.

To love is to be in the most blissful of states.


Beauty is, I believe, misinterpreted.

He shines from things of nature. Off his brown eyes

And her and her unseen perfections.

To be beautiful is a state rather than an aesthetic definition.


Wisdom is, I believe, gained.

Age is not a factor here, but rather experience.

A life lived without the addition of wisdom is a life not lived.


I believe that family is everything and that nature is to be respected.

That friends are to be made and people are morally good.

A voice should never be silenced and a lesson can never be unlearned.


I believe all this, and so much more.

Most of all, I believe in YOU

And all your potential in this world.

Diligently writing for you, WritingDilegently, Angelina Rosa





Shoot for the moon

And you land around the stars

You push yourself

Defend yourself

Look for help

Then do double your power

The money in your pocket does not define

Your greatness.

As Bob Marley explained

In a way that can be

Formed no other

“The greatness in a man

Is not in how much money

He acquires

But in his integrity

And his ability

To Affect those

Around him.”

– writingdilegently

Paper Hearts


Ripped in two




The children of today

We walk around

With paper hearts

We are open to so much

And receive so much abuse

But it’s not all bad

Some days

we throw glitter on those hearts

Or iron out the creases

We often draw smiles on them

Because we know

That our hearts won’t beat forever

So we give them out

And live them up

– writingdilegently

It is not relevant


Hold what you have to say. Just stop talking. You’re waisting your voice. Using your breath. You. You are not relevant to me. Nothing that you have to say makes an impact on my heart. You speak of time. That is irrelevant. I use mine wisely because I use mine on me. You speak about my voice. I use it as I please when I have to. This gift with words should not be waisted. When I do open my mouth listen to the intellect. You talk about yourself. Just shut up. Your problems are minimal to the others in the world. You are not relevant.

– writingdilegently