Scattered Through The Pages


Looking through my own journals I’m overcome with waves of emotion from the last few years. Hate, love, sorrow, hope and exhaustion plagued the workings of my mind so forcefully and so thoroughly. I feel so much in such a little slice of time that I find myself nearing the self destruct button over and over and over again.

Let’s be honest, some of the entries here, let alone my personal journal frustrate me in their lack of or over absorption of depth. That’s okay though. It’s personal growth. Inner evolution, if you will. I can accept my useless blabber because I understand it differently.

I remember feeling so incredibly down for such a long period of time that I just could not take it. I suffered horribly and mostly silently. It was only through half suppressed tears and scribbles on paper that it showed. If my journals could talk they would probably tell you that my words simply screamed ‘help me’ across each and every page.

Like i said though, it wasn’t all bad. I had moments of hype, moments of absolute bliss. They inevitably came crashing down harshly around me, but they were there.

I’m not sure why I’m saying any of this, or if any of you care, but I just felt like I needed to. I needed to get a few thoughts out there.


Angelina Rosa, writing diligently for you, Writingdilegently




I cannot express
The amazing feeling inside me
When I start a new story
Or drawing
Or poem
Or pastry
The ear to ear grin
Is true of my excitement
When starting something new
You get to start new
With all the lessons you learned
In the past
You get to say
‘Hey, I’m getting better’

– Writingdilegently



Shoot for the moon

And you land around the stars

You push yourself

Defend yourself

Look for help

Then do double your power

The money in your pocket does not define

Your greatness.

As Bob Marley explained

In a way that can be

Formed no other

“The greatness in a man

Is not in how much money

He acquires

But in his integrity

And his ability

To Affect those

Around him.”

– writingdilegently

Paper Hearts


Ripped in two




The children of today

We walk around

With paper hearts

We are open to so much

And receive so much abuse

But it’s not all bad

Some days

we throw glitter on those hearts

Or iron out the creases

We often draw smiles on them

Because we know

That our hearts won’t beat forever

So we give them out

And live them up

– writingdilegently