Random Bursts of Anger


Un to the time of day

Every now and then

Emotions surge inside

feelings deep

And unexpected

The want to punch and kick

And scream and yell


That feeling embodies you.

When it does,

Get far away from those you care about

And let it go


Those feelings can reck you.

– writingdilegently


Angry Air


When there is someone angry in a room, everyone can feel it. Even the youngest can get the vibe. It travels through the air. It makes the air heavy, like a thick milkshake. It makes the air hot, the anger does. You can almost choke on it if you take too deep of a breath. You can’t diffuse anger like you can sadness. Sadness requires a joke or two. Anger…… Anger is to strong. The only cure….. Back away slowly and wait an hour.


– writingdilegently