I have forgiven my sorrows

For burring heated embers

Into the creases and crevices of my happiness.

I have allowed for the pain to

Swiftly ride about within my rib cage.

I have given in to the screams of

The beasts and allowed them to wreck

Havoc upon my world

And I did so quietly.


-Angelina Rosa

Diligently writing for you, WritingDiligently




Its been months since the last time I sat here and just wrote. I’ve been exploring other things. My best friend told me that sometimes, in order to write well you have to stop writing and live. I’ve been exploring different mediums of expressing myself and I hope to be more active in the future.

My current goal is once a month.

You can find me on tumblr at writingdilegently.tumblr.com

I currently have so many things I’m working on such as a nice long story and artwork for college portfolios. I’m really excited to see how everything goes.

I’ve really missed this blog! I’m glad to see you again.

-Angelina Rosa

Diligently writing for you Writingdilegently

To That Shady Girl


There we stood: Face to face on that date

Ready to launch attack in this debate.

I had my pros while you felt your cons.

We both tied poems to the facts we lit,

And to catch fire to the words you spit,

You pulled from quotes with power but no relevance,

And so I looked poorly towards your deliverance.

You see, from my mouth flows words not stolen from another

And from that alone you should call me mother-


For, when its needed, I can catch a rhyme

And call my quote all mine every time.


– Angelina Rosa

Diligently Writing for you, WritingDilegently