Showing Myself: entry 8


For a long while, college wasn’t on my radar. Just enjoy today right now as a kid. That was my motto. I don’t really need college for what I want to do. That was my thought. College degrees aren’t garenteeing that you’ll get a job. That was my logic.
I’m going to be honest, those are still things I think today. But I also see college in a different way. I want it for the education, not the degree. I want to go for the experience. I like learning. I like it a whole lot. So why should I halt my education because my artistic side doesn’t actually “need it”?
When asked I would say “sure I’m going to college” because I thought that was what everyone expects from a girl with a 4.0 GPA. But it didn’t feel like me.
I started taking this one college class and woah… It changed my perspective. I found out that college is a lot more fun than highschool if you play your cards right- that is, I mean, if you really want to be there. I found out that philosophy excites me and that I can major in just about anything. And that also excites me.
One more year of highschool after this year, then I’ll be on my way to a better chapter of my education.

Diligently writing for you, Writingdilegently, Angelina Rosa.



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