Showing Myself: Entry 7


I love the power words have on the world. I see myself as a quiet game changer as all writers and artists are. My audience is small (though I appreciate every single one of you) but I know that a little goes a long way. A single word can drop from a mouth and it spreads like wildfire. Words can cross languages without being changed. Words connect people. Written and spoken words are powerful, so I would hope that more people would let them out. Its not in our nature to want to be silenced, and it’s most certainly not in mine.

I only speak one language well, but I love the feeling of hearing new ones. The passion supersedes the definitions. Languages are easy for kids to learn because its association not grammer that they think about. And I associate sounds with people and voices with power.

Diligently writing for you, Writingdilegently, Angelina Rosa.



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