Showing Myself: Entry 3


A question I consider a lot is “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” At my age, I can and still accept a decade of time as a strange and far out notion. 10 years ago I was just starting school. Time itself is a crazy notion, but I’d like to dwell on that in another moment.

I can never just think of the “where” aspect of this question. I go deeper. I look at the physical description, the emotional, the educational, the career, the love.

In 10 years i will be 26 going on 27. I see myself out of school and full of knowledge. I see myself with a brain full of experiences and happy moments. I see myself with more than a few tattoos. Things symbolic to me as a person. Things that don’t have to make sense to anyone but myself.

I hope to see myself in love. Maybe not with my “forever partner” but at least with someone I can have close to me. As I’ve gotten older, my love for people has grown. I’ve fallen in a soft love with the world already and I hope I fall deeper in it.

I want to say that I see myself writing. Maybe not every day but often enough. And I do. I can’t see a reason why written words wouldn’t be in my life.

I see myself doing beautiful artwork on other people’s skin. That’s what I really want to do. It’s not about the “go against the grain concept”. For me its about the art and the ability to change a persons life in a moment. I love art and I love making people smile.

I see myself on the edge of the world loving my life.


Diligently writing for you, WritingDilegently, Angelina Rosa



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