Showing Myself: Entry 2


I see her with the same eyes I see him.

I look at her hips with the same glazed over expression when gazing at his.

His laugh and her smile sit at the same magical heart driving joy.

I’d be quick to kiss him.

Just as quick to kiss her.

And I do not feel lesser for it.

I do not feel the need to justify why I eat both apples and oranges

But yet I’m expected to know why I can enjoy both sexes just as simply.

Just as naturally.

I was looked at funny for standing up for her rights while holding his hand.

Been talked down to for emphasizing his point of view while holding hers.

I’m expected to take both up at once,

But for me, love should be devoted to just one person at a time.

For me, monogamy works. And I don’t have to choose a set of genitalia to pursue to show that.

The personality is more captivating than identification.


Diligently writing for you, WritingDilegently, Angelina Rosa


Authors Note: This was hard to get out. Even harder to publish. For me, sexuality defines only a part of me. Its something more comfortably shown to friends than family. And I’m sure my family will read this. (GULP). But this feels good. Feels right. I’m too comfortable in myself to hide any part of me. Thank you for reading, and to all members of the LGBT+ community, don’t be ashamed of who you are, your sexuality is a part of you but it doesn’t have to define you. Lots of love. ❤


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