A New Project: One I Plan to Stick to


So here we are. I have my ambitions. My means. My focus. My life. What I’ve been lacking recently is is actual motivation. Creative people fall into pits of “eh”. I want to push that to the side for a while. I need to write. I need to draw. I’ve done enough contemplating and mindless scrolling through internet feeds and clicking aimlessly through games. I need to do something now. So, how shall I go about this? Well, I’ll make it mandatory. Give myself deadlines. Hard deadlines. Snap myself out of constant useless time wasting.

I want to put myself out there. Really and truly put myself out there. No barriers or bars. No, “Wait, but what will x,y and z think?” Just the imperfect, limitless me.

I’m calling this project “Showing Myself”. Its going to be at least a 10 day experience. An open cleansing. Time spent between me, my writing, and whoever happens to stumble by. Some topics are hard, so I’ll thank any and all in advance for any and all support. Some topics are personal, and it may change somethings. But nothing worth doing will leave you unchanged. Think of this as a personal cleansing. The project starts tomorrow. One poem or entry a day. I may write more than one a day, but I’ll post only one.

Thank you all for living through this with me.

Diligently writing for you, WritingDilegently, Angelina Rosa



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