What would you say if you saw….


That one person who hurt you?
Who brought your world crumbling.
Something rude most likely
That they don’t deserve love
That they need to go to jail
Or something very vulgar.
Something true most likely
That you love them
That you still care about them
Or something heartfelt.
But the problem with that
Is when you actually get a chance, you don’t say those things.
Because then, that person
The one that caused you so much pain,
They get everything.
You get to keep your last words to them private
Because they are your words
Simply to be felt and never spoken



So scared of zombies


So many fears of rotting things rising
Walking one with man
And tearing them apart.
But I’ll tell you right now
The zombies are not to be feared
They don’t bite or scream
But hell do they groan and infect
Zombification is not a physical thing
Its a mental thing
Being dead inside but still wandering
Doing things without the umph
Without the yearning to actually do.
I’m a human surrounded by them now
And if my words cease to please me…
I’ll be one of them too I fear.



I dreamt of you last night
Except you weren’t you
And I wasn’t me
But it was so real
Yet so far off
So much love
But so much hate
Like your mind was far off
And I got what I wanted
But it wasn’t what I needed

Then I awoke
And remembered the lack of calls
The lack of care

I prefer the you I dreamt of last night