You must look professional


You must look
Ready to be on the book
Be on your very best
Shirts button downed and pressed

The professional way
Must be better than okay
Slacks zipped
Better have not ripped

But wait
I don’t want to work nine to eight
Let’s get a cape
To give that word a better shape

Describe them as working white collar
Nothing close to a bawler
Wearing a suit
Trying to shy from cute

How you define it makes me skeptical
Go to Google you’ll get the real fill
Someone who has complete knowledge or skill

So do not look down on me
For swapping those slacks for jeans
Or choosing a jumper
Instead of a suit
Or my colleagues
For having their skin colored in
Or their ear lobes long.
We dress for the jobs we want
Not the ones you expects us to get

– Writingdilegently



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