This girl


There was this girl
Who trotted with
Dead flowers in her hair
And dark skies over head
She smiled at rainstorms
And frowned at her reflection
And cried because of her classmates

This girl became spiteful
And her heart became cold

But then she met a friend
Her first in this world
And she smiled at a person
Instead of at her pain.

She pushed the darkness in her heart
And painted it on her nails
Drew it on her skin
Spelled it on some pages

And now
She lives in a hue of shades
Sometimes dark
But never quite dull.
She’s learning
And living
And feeling true feelings
She’s had love scapes
And heart breaks
And fights
And hugs
So many hugs

And you know what?
She wouldn’t take a single one back.
Not a single mistake.
Not a single dispute.
Because now she shines
Her own rainbow over head.

– Writingdilegently



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