They sat together


They sat together, one resting their head on the others lap. The world around them was darkening, lulling the creatures of the day to halt their mischief. The first looked up at the second.
“You’re always talking about love and all that stuff.”
The second moved from their thoughts. “Yeah, and?”
The first let out a puff of air from within their lungs, “Well, you know me better than anyone. And I know you just as well. And we make each other laugh. And we’ve seen each other cry. So, do you think you could love me?”
So the second sat there in silence. Contemplating the great question, Can I open up my heart to them? And, if I’d didn’t work out? Then its the greater question to answer; would it hurt more to break a heart, or to be broken hearted?

– Writingdilegently



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