Two girls in the bathroom


The first girl sat on the edge of the sink, filing her acrylic nails to pointy perfection. She had a resting face of a crazed dog, complete with snarl and all. She snapped her gum and crossed her legs. She displayed her naval piercing with near pride. Always in the deans office, she didn’t have a reason to go to class.
In comes girl two, shorter than the first, and more conservatively dressed than the first. Her nail polish was peeling a cracked. Eyes closed, she looked near heavenly. The dean barely knew her name, and she preferred it that way. Right now she really had to pee.
Girl one watched girl two as she went towards the stall, then kept her eyes on her as she washed her hands.
Girl two glanced up at the non moving stare.
Girl one, “what the hell are you looking at?”
Girl two didn’t answer just continued on her way.
“Excuse me, but I asked you a question.”
Girl two just shook her head.
Girl one raced before her, stopping her before she reached the door.
“You better answer me before you get me upset.”
Girl two took a breath. “Let me throw some information down before you. I’m not looking for trouble, but you seem to want it. Maybe the attention gets you hyped up, or maybe the violence does. Its none of my business, but you seem to want to make it mine. I have better things to do than fight with you, I have a higher GPA than you could ever hope for. You aren’t stupid just pitiful. Except I’m not the one giving you pity. So just let me leave so I can continue the education that I need that you want to throw away.”
Or at least that’s what she wanted to say. What really came out was “nothing.”
To which girl one replied “I thought so.”

– Writingdilegently



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