“Racial appropriation”


Okay, first before you call me out on being a “white girl upset on the internet”, know that I am a Hispanic girl with thick curls and no religion. Maybe it is a lack of religion but I don’t see how its wrong with people wearing clothes and hairstyles of other cultures and religions. If I were to get my septum pierced you shouldn’t get angry at me for appropriating a culture because there is no one culture it is tied to. If I decided to do dreads in my hair its because I admire the ascetics of Rastafarians. Putting on the clothing of another culture is not done with a mocking intention. Most people are ignorant to the values that most religions and ideologies take root on. So if I wear my face painted like a sugar skull, its in no offense to people with Mexican lineage. Its simply because I find it beautiful. Is it wrong if I wear my eyeliner like the ancient Egyptians? No. So in the context of beauty, leave people be as they are. They are exploring just the ascetics of things because they make them feel right. Tell me that I can’t get tattoos because they aren’t done after battle or blessing. If you haven’t caught note half of these ‘traditions’ aren’t yours alone. They come from a stance of cultural diffusion that happened long long ago and is still happening now. There that’s it for my rant. That’s just been in my head for a long while.

– Writingdilegently



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