Think about how to fill these small but endless gaps falling between everything and everywhere and everything. Staring through black holes into a larger hole that is bringing me distance from myself. I know where I stand. I know how I feel. Where my brain and heart overlap. When I need to prod. When I need to step back. Looking back at life from places I’ve been avoiding because in fact the truth hurts and life hurts. And will it make me such a bad person to step back from everyone a bit. To not ask questions. To try not to get to involved. But then is it wrong for me to try to put myself in when I see others getting hurt. I seem to care too much if I ask and care too little if I don’t. But you asked me not to ask and so I expect you to tell me when something changes. But I’m probably the last to know. But I don’t take it personally because you don’t have to know everything about a person to care about them, don’t have to speak to someone everyday to know that they do in fact have your back. As I have yours and you have mine.

– Writingdilegently



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