My Makers


You know exactly
Who you are
But what you guys are doing
It isn’t fair
Isn’t right.
To hear you yelling
Or no sound at all
Your energies
They diffuse
Like poisonous gas
Infect us slowly
Your creations
You are giving us
More stress to carry
More burdens to bare.

– Writingdilegently

– Writingdilegently


One thought on “My Makers

  1. life will teach
    What words cannot.
    Weather we speak or weather
    We stop.
    Those are our choices
    Not for you to bare
    Our issues are ours alone
    Not for you to own.
    Weather we fuss or fight
    Don’t ever feel like it’s because of you
    It’s only a part of life.
    As makers
    We know what’s made is special
    We love you both our creations
    Without hesitation.
    Time always clears the path
    And the love we have
    Will change as we live our lives
    But that’s part of the surprise
    Don’t waste your time or fuss
    Be happy inspite of us.
    Your makers.



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