Islam = terrorism?


What is wrong

With our society?

Why are we so


We box everyone

Into categories

Based off of one idea

One thing we saw.

Its a natural solution

To a problem that

We stopped facing so long


– writingdilegently


One thought on “Islam = terrorism?

  1. Donaldson

    We live in a society that has some deep roots of self-esteem issues, so people are more than willing to put down anything them deem different to make themselves feel better. I was watching the Disney Channel with my daughter and for half an hour the characters on the t.v series did nothing but tease one another. So, this society is starting teaching self loathing from a young age and taking away your compassion for other individuals. I sometimes daydream about a reality where we, as a people, actually care about the feelings and well-being of others.



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