To have pride

Is to not care

About comments

Or stupidity

To have pride is

To stand tall

And dust off your shoulders

And smile

– writingdilegently


The beauty of pain


Suffering. That one word bring out so many thoughts and motions and ideas and images. Suffering is pain, and everyone holds their own piece of it. Pain, it can’t be measured or weighed. It’s just as heavy for everyone, no matter how bad it seems. You can’t compare suffering because you don’t know what the individual has in conjunction with it. But there is beauty in all this pain. Pain causes poetry, and art, and song, and dance. Pain is a bitter thing, but it draws out the humanity in us. Our understanding and re evaluation of our own personal suffering is what makes us uniquely human.

– writingdilegently

It doesn’t get better


Will you please stop telling people that it gets better? It doesn’t for everyone. And that is perfectly okay. Ever consider that some people like to feel sad. They want comfort not lies. Can you tell someone who is dying that it gets better truthfully. No. You can’t. You don’t know how their emotions are or how they get day to day or what death really brings. It doesn’t get better. Sometimes sadness is what makes someone feel alive. There is no ‘better’ for those people because they don’t need it to get better. You know, people don’t kill themselves or get worse because they want to. They do it because they don’t know how to get back, or even more likely, they can’t wait long enough for results. It’s not about my lack of optimism, it’s about my understanding of how people really feel.

– writingdilegently