She rad through her monolog swiftly. The strength in her voice and pride in her heart make the judge drop his jaw. ‘Anna…. You need to join the play. You need to be an actress.’

She smiled and shook her head. ‘I’m sorry, but honestly, this is not me. I did this for the hell of doing it. I’ll take a small part right now, but don’t expect me to do it again. If you give me more than three lines, I will simply walk away. You see, our lives, they are like stories. We can be the main character, or simply a narrator. In any case, we are the writer. When writing a character, the author must stay true to that character’s character. But when an author gets stuck, you need to have them do something out of character so that you can figure out what they need to do. I am stuck right now. This is out of my character. I’m doing this crazy thing, so that I could get back on track.’

– writingdilegently


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