This is for my 10th grade English teacher;

Walk down the street

Everyboy uses it

Says they got it

Turning their snapbacks

Bobin down to some old tracks

Forgettin the meaning

Its not how you hold yourself

Or ‘secretly we are gay’

And to derail from the tracks may I say

To say that is showing pure ignorance

And downgrades your own IQ

And shows that you are willing to make a insult

Out of an originally sweet description.

Getting back to it.

Swag comes from swagger

Looking back to the old

Its not who you are

But how you walk

Swagger is a sway


It brings a self accomplished feeling inside.


I’d say anyone willing to waltz before

Hormone induces teenagers

And make them laugh and stay all chill

Has not only swag

But a hole lot of pride.

– writingdilegently



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