Self Reflect


There is only one thing that changes more than you, and that is your opinion of you. Everyday, you have something different to say about yourself, good or bad, and it really effects your mentality. The way you see yourself is how you want the world to see you… More or less…..

A year ago, I didn’t see the way I do now. A year ago, you ask me who I am, and I would make up something seemingly stupid right now. I used to call myself ‘the young miss’ all in my head and in my writing like that made sence. I put myself in this high arc position where I thought I was old wise and in a fairy tale.

Now….. Now it’s different. Now I see myself as someone between the lines. I’m there, but I’m not. I know what I want, but I don’t. I’m a bit obscure, but then I am normal. I’m just me.

– writngdilegently



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