Masquerade Part 9


‘Who?’ Valery whispered into his ear as the waltzed on the marble floors.

‘Would you care if you knew? Who your savior of tonight was? You should care more of your fortunes. Your place. Your life.’

She peered at his, trying to match up the voice but it was muffled by the mask. ‘Savior is by far a strong word. A word of true highness and courtship. Why, you are in place to be the damsel. 19 and still a maiden. Orphan and still not married. You should thank me. The Countess will not let you off so easily next time, I fear.’

‘Well, if you are to stay around….. Then perhaps there will be no fear. Our words are poetic yet daring. I ador that in a gentleman.’

‘I abor the word gentleman.’

She cocked her head,’Are you not so?’

‘There are many things I am not. A man most definitely. Gentle oh yes so. But a gentleman is noble and dressed as so.’

‘But your dress is the finest.’

‘Borrowed and just for now.’



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