Masquerade Part 7


The band played songs that road out up and down. Valery danced around with her party goers. Up and down to the beat. One two three….one two three…..

The Countess Mildred stopped her, ‘Dear girl, how are you. I feel as if its been ages.’

Valery smiled politely, but cursed her inside. ‘Oh my, it has been. I am quite fine, quite fine.’

The Countess continued, ‘You’ve gained some weight since the last time we met, haven’t you.’

Valery bit back her aggression. ‘Perhaps a bit Countess, you look lovely as ever.’

‘Ever so my darling. Now, quick question, who are you with this evening? I didn’t notice a man with you earlier, and it’s not like a Lievantian to show up without a date, not even at their own party.’

Her heart sank.

– writingdilegently


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