Masquerade part 4


She opened her jewelry box and smiled at the purls, diamonds, and the highlight for tonight; A dark red and black sparkled mask, adorned with feathers and jewels.

She closed the box and closed her eyes.

They opened up seemingly seconds later when Boris knocked on her door. He opened the door and peered inside.

‘Boris! What are you doing in here?!’

He bowed his head. ‘Sorry mistress. You didn’t respond when I knocked the first few times. The band is here. And the food is prepared.’

She looked at him stearnly. ‘What are you talking about, I just sat down a few moments ago.’

‘More than that mistress. You fell asleep. It’s nearly time.’

She rushed to her feet. The room seemed to spin around her, but she fought the urge to collapse. Not now. She pulled out the watch. 8:56. ‘Oh my lord. I need to get down. And what did I tell you before. Scat!’

‘Yes mistress.’ She heard his footsteps echo down the hall.

– writingdilegently



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