‘Repent dear child! Repent.’

He screamed.

‘Repent for all your hellish actions!’

He pleaded.

‘Repent for your wrongdoings!’

He wallowed.

‘Repent for what you did! Then thou shall be saved!’

He wailed.

She screamed back in verse

‘Repent you say


Judging me

For being me

Repent yourself

You sad old fool

For it is you

Who lives in sin.’

– writingdilegently


History Repeat


They say that

History repeats itself


And again

And that we

Study our histories

To prevent it

But where patters start

Patterns will always be

So can we not make amends

And start a new

Bloodless history?

– writingdilegently

Scars on her arms


I know a girl

With scars

All down her arms

Her eyes were washed over

Her hair cut jagged

Her laughter was


I know a girl

With scars

All down her arms

Some of which

Are red and raw


Are brown and old

Her skin was so fair

Sometimes at night

I think of this girl

And wish to send her hope

To end her pain

– writingdilegently

It is not relevant


Hold what you have to say. Just stop talking. You’re waisting your voice. Using your breath. You. You are not relevant to me. Nothing that you have to say makes an impact on my heart. You speak of time. That is irrelevant. I use mine wisely because I use mine on me. You speak about my voice. I use it as I please when I have to. This gift with words should not be waisted. When I do open my mouth listen to the intellect. You talk about yourself. Just shut up. Your problems are minimal to the others in the world. You are not relevant.

– writingdilegently

Freedom in The Sky


She looked out and saw the world

Saw the heavens

Saw the clouds kissing

Saw the sun in the far out distance

Then she looked down

And saw where she was leaving

Saw the pain

Saw the screams

Saw the blackening clouds from gun fire

Then she looked at the lady

Who asked again

‘Are you enjoying the flight.’

She smiled and in broken english replied

‘Yes. It’s freedom. Freedom in the sky.’

– writingdilegently