Today I Wrote a Poem in class


When I write poetry, I do it from my heart. Every word I use is carefully reflected from my heart. When people read it, they see me. The adults in the room urged me to read it out loud. The poem was about the heart and letting go of harshness and pain. One woman said it moved her. I looked around my class room, and looked at the kids around me. I realized the first day of school that these kids were not worthy of hearing me jut my heart out. I simply do not wish to waste my breath on them. Then the woman asked if she could read it. I agreed because I knew that they weren’t going to let me go without sharing. At first the class was quiet, and then they mumbled. Not a single child in that room was listening well enough for them to care. To add to that, they begin play fighting once she finished reading. Why is the world so full of people like this? It would have crushed me, if I had read it. But I learned a while back not to care. I wrote it without intention on sharing because they don’t care enough to listen.

– writingdilegently


One thought on “Today I Wrote a Poem in class


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