Rant 4


Once you write your thoughts down on paper, I think they feel more real. They start to form something when you put them out there. When you can’t tell anyone what is on your mind, paper is your friend. You can work everything out on paper. When you write, your words are not only words. They become much deeper. They start to become things. You can find a clearer path when you write even if it isn’t the best one. Everyone should at some. Point in their life, write down their feelings.

Life goes by so fast that keeping everything bottled up inside and never letting them out. In any form is bad for your health. I’m not afraid of life moving, or passing by. I’m not afraid of getting older. My fear is that my whole mindset will change one day. At this point, everything feels clear and driven. People say that when you get older, a part of you dies inside. I can’t have that. I just can’t.

– writingdilegently


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