The ending just came to me suddenly


In a huddled mass of a panic she ran out the of the train car. Papers flew out of her hands but she let them leave her grasp. She needed to make it. Her feet slapped the stairs as she rushed through them. Her jacket got caught on the railing and she tripped, the fabric tearing. She continued on her run. She had to make it. Her feet glided on the pavement.

She pushed past the woman with the stroller who obviously was too young to be a mother. She swerved around the man asking for change. She jumped over the puddles in front of the elderly center. She breathed hard, pushing as much oxygen into her lungs as possible. She needed to push faster.

She checked her watch just as she rounded the corner. She opened the doors and ran to the back. She grabbed a jug just as the man was about to close shop. She bought that and some chocolate mix.

Today was the anniversary of her mom’s death. Her mom loved chocolate milk. The things you will do to keep memories alive is amazing.

– writingdilegently



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