Rant…. 3?


Okay. I’ve lost track of the number of rants I’ve done in writng. I guess that’s just how it is. On my mind right now; music. I have two ‘types’ of music I listen to a lot. Music about hate and equality and being above society, and music about love and heart breaks. So, in using that to define me I would say I’m a loving hippy who refuses to smoke pot.

In fact, I’m sure that if I was a teen during the 70s I’d be a hippy. I just see past all the hardships and I think war is pointless. Just killing people to prove that you’re right? That sounds really stupid. As humans all in all, we have problems. We can’t see past our own differences. Even the casual racism that we impose upon ourselves every day is horrible. That seems like a bit of a theme for me, the horrors of humanity.

But actually, it’s only because of the bad that we see the good. If we didn’t get sad, we wouldn’t realize when we are happy. That’s crazy. I guess it explains the ballence that makes our society work.

But if we have good, why do we see the bad so much?? Hmmm, much to ponder. Goodnight WordPress.

– writingdilegently


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