Rant #2


Today, I think I have a direction that I want to go. Today, lets talk about the perfect society. All around every inch of our history we have fraught time and time again for equality and peace. These are the things that I see as the basis of the perfect society. If we wanted to reach perfection, equality, and peace in our own world, we need to do something big. We need to pull down all the barriers. People need to stop segragting themselves. We cannot have any more pride in where we come from. We would need to have pride in human kind as a group. We can’t say, ‘Im a proud (insert nationality) (insert gender)’. We have to say, ‘I am a proud humanist’. We also need to completely erase all forms of government. Once we bring on a leader, for however long they rule, it is garenteed that someone’s opinions will be squashed. We need to slowly transition into ideas and decisions. We would have to completely separate religion from everything. Religious views are what created most of our wars. That’s another thing. We need to stop making weapons. With guns and bombs readily available, we have no problem killing our foes. This is a problem. We are humans. We are smart. We should be capable of settling disputes in a verbal manor. Honestly, the fact that we can’t is a sad truth. We can’t move forward as a people unless we can do that. Also, we need to let everyone have free education. Learn from the Germans. Free education to help bring you forward. I think that’s it for this rant.

– writingdilegently


3 thoughts on “Rant #2


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