Rant # 1


I need to write. Just write for the sake of writing. This has no goal. This is just me writing. The purest form of anything I think, is when you can droit without having to think about it. If you cook without thinking about instructions, you end up creating something unique. When you just start painting you end up creating something beautiful. When you start singing, you can create beautiful, soul searching lyrics. When you start sticking legos together you unleash creativity. When you start writing, you end up in a place deeper than you would have thought. Writing like this, is uncensored. Anything you think can be written down. Your limit is your mind. And your mind, is a limitless place. I hate limits and regulations. Why must I be hindered from a careless mistake another has made? Why do I need to color in the lines? Why do I have to listen to everything everyone says? Why can’t I live my life? Do any of these things really matter though? If I stop caring about what the world perceives me as, does the world perceive me as anything? If I ignore what has been set in place before me, is it really there? In this writing of random ideas and thoughts, I found a goal. It’s not big, but small. My goal is to reach 300 words in this post. Words about my mind, and all the crazy little things I’m thinking. I have to mention the crazy things that I just realized. Like how soul searching is best done when you are alone. The ideas and perceptions you create when you are on your own have this strange perfection to them. I think we do our deepest thinking and soul searching when we are taking showers because we are alone, and we have nothing to focus on but ourselves. It makes me wonder if the ancient Greeks had a chance to consider themselves, being that they all bathed together…..

goodnight WordPress

– writingdilegently


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