Bucket List


I’m 15, so I (Hopefully) have a lot of time. There are some things I absolutely know that I want to do before I kick the bucket.

1) I want to see a night sky. I know that it sounds stupid, but not in my context. You might just say, ‘Just look up at night.’ But its not that simple. I want to see the natural night sky. One with a big white moon, and billions of stars lighting up my night. I live in the city. All the lights block out the natural beauty of the sky. I just want to see some stars.

2) I want to own a house. Big or small, I don’t really care. I want to be able to call a building home, and have it be truly mine. It doesn’t have to be a normal house. I wouldn’t care if it was a tiny house, or even an abandoned warehouse. I just want it to be mine.

3) I want to see the northern lights. This is just because of the beauty of what our atmosphere can produce.

4) I want to be outside of the USA for a whole year. I just want to experience life. I want to go places. See other worlds. Get a grasp for other nations.

5) I want to go sky diving. Something crazy and dangerous. I want my heart to pump the blood fast through my veins.

to be continued….

– writingdilegently


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