Kids vs. Adults


In a big empty quiet room, what would adults do? Leave? Check their phones? Talk aimlessly about the weather? Would they look for entertainment? Any adult readers feel free to comment, on what you would actually do.

Kids. What would they do? By kids, I’m referring to everyone 2-19. Well, I have witnessed with my own eyes something remarkable. In a huge empty room, sat about 50 or so kids. One adult siting to watch them who was scrolling through his facebook timeline. On their own. The kids decided, lets play tag. Then they molded the game to create a new one. They formed teams. Then assigned bases. Then managed to decide without a problem who would start the game. Everyone played. No one was left out. That is the beauty of blank creativity. I wish we were able to absorb and unite ourselves more often. That, would be amazing.

– writingdilegently


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