Poetry Ebook!


Hey guys,

I’ve bundled together a few of my poems, freshly edited, into an ebook. I’ve incorporated the ones that fall into categories of inspiration, me, knowledge, and people I’ve met. Now, you could just read my poems randomly…… But buying it will help support my writing. I want to be able to start hiring professionals to create covers and edit my writing. You should all know that I write from the heart, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

The Ebook is Titled “Words Inside Me” $3.99 ONLY

I aim to please!

🙂 If you get it and you enjoy my poetry, feel free to let your friends know about it.

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Today in Chemistry class


Okay, so today in chemistry class, we played with fire. Well, I certainly wasn’t playing with it, but a few of my group members decided that it was a good idea. One of my group members happens to be a serious pyromaniac on the account that he set a friend’s house on fire just a few months ago. Another one of my group members simply cannot handle himself. So, mr. Pyro decided that he would be the one to light all the fires. He held the lighter the candle for a whole minute before removing it. Now, my useless group member decides to drop a whole bunch of salt on the flame. So, I guess I’m set to be pretty safe!

– writingdilegently

My sister


We fight

We scream

We yell

We ignore

My sister

The ‘baby’

But how I love my sister

Through the tears

And little bruises.

I tell her all my secrets

And I listen to all of hers

As she gets older I realize

How glad I am to have her

And how badly I want us

To be little again

A forever friend

She knows when to push my buttons

And she knows when I want to push hers

I don’t want to see her grow up

Her little hands

I wish they would stay so small

And that her mind would stay innocent

We laugh

We hung

We play

We smile

Me and my sister

Rant #2


Today, I think I have a direction that I want to go. Today, lets talk about the perfect society. All around every inch of our history we have fraught time and time again for equality and peace. These are the things that I see as the basis of the perfect society. If we wanted to reach perfection, equality, and peace in our own world, we need to do something big. We need to pull down all the barriers. People need to stop segragting themselves. We cannot have any more pride in where we come from. We would need to have pride in human kind as a group. We can’t say, ‘Im a proud (insert nationality) (insert gender)’. We have to say, ‘I am a proud humanist’. We also need to completely erase all forms of government. Once we bring on a leader, for however long they rule, it is garenteed that someone’s opinions will be squashed. We need to slowly transition into ideas and decisions. We would have to completely separate religion from everything. Religious views are what created most of our wars. That’s another thing. We need to stop making weapons. With guns and bombs readily available, we have no problem killing our foes. This is a problem. We are humans. We are smart. We should be capable of settling disputes in a verbal manor. Honestly, the fact that we can’t is a sad truth. We can’t move forward as a people unless we can do that. Also, we need to let everyone have free education. Learn from the Germans. Free education to help bring you forward. I think that’s it for this rant.

– writingdilegently

Rant # 1


I need to write. Just write for the sake of writing. This has no goal. This is just me writing. The purest form of anything I think, is when you can droit without having to think about it. If you cook without thinking about instructions, you end up creating something unique. When you just start painting you end up creating something beautiful. When you start singing, you can create beautiful, soul searching lyrics. When you start sticking legos together you unleash creativity. When you start writing, you end up in a place deeper than you would have thought. Writing like this, is uncensored. Anything you think can be written down. Your limit is your mind. And your mind, is a limitless place. I hate limits and regulations. Why must I be hindered from a careless mistake another has made? Why do I need to color in the lines? Why do I have to listen to everything everyone says? Why can’t I live my life? Do any of these things really matter though? If I stop caring about what the world perceives me as, does the world perceive me as anything? If I ignore what has been set in place before me, is it really there? In this writing of random ideas and thoughts, I found a goal. It’s not big, but small. My goal is to reach 300 words in this post. Words about my mind, and all the crazy little things I’m thinking. I have to mention the crazy things that I just realized. Like how soul searching is best done when you are alone. The ideas and perceptions you create when you are on your own have this strange perfection to them. I think we do our deepest thinking and soul searching when we are taking showers because we are alone, and we have nothing to focus on but ourselves. It makes me wonder if the ancient Greeks had a chance to consider themselves, being that they all bathed together…..

goodnight WordPress

– writingdilegently