Just a story (fiction)


Everyone has been told those stories.

Crazy. Scary. Unrealistic. They tell the same ones. The classics. Well, they are just stories….. Right. That true disbelief, that’s just your mind coping. You trying to force yourself into a calm. Make yourself believe the lie. The biggest lie out there. The lie that we are all safe. And none of those ‘things’ can harm you. But you face so many chances to die everyday….. But back to my point….

You know those stories? Bloody Mary…. Angry clowns….. Those things that hide underneath the bed…. Children are scared without hearing these stories… Because they know that they are real…. I gave up trying to not believe. Back when I had the incident. I was about 9 or 10…. My friend and I were having a sleep over. We stayed up till midnight. We did the bloody Marry thing in the bathroom. She pulled out her grandmother’s ouijia board. Nothing happened. We laughed… The next night I was home.

I had an eerie feeling running down my spine…. I brushed it off without a second thought. Around 11 pm, a noise woke me up. Really loud. I opened my eyes, and against the wall, I saw a shadow. A shadow of a girl, or maybe a woman. Her hair was wild…… She was calling my name softly……. I cried in my bed till morning came….. Oh, and did I mention… My parents were at a dinner…. And I’m an only child….

– writingdilegently


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