How (not) to be a goth


Okay, I dress in black a lot…… But I don’t consider my current style goth…. More like punk maybe? I don’t know…. I don’t really like labels….. If you call me emo I will kill you  Enjoy the post!

How not to be goth!

1) Wear black everything. Underwear, socks, shirts, sneakers, even makeup.

2) Have panda eyes…. Always

3) Look sad or distant and bored. But never cry. Ever.

4) Drink blood in a wine glass with every meal. Wear fangs for a bonus.

5) Get really skinny or really fat. Nothing in the middle.

6) Shave all your hair except the hair on your head. Let that grow really long.

7) Speak in old english

8) Obtain a casket. Used possibly.

9) Watch all of Jhonny Depp’s ‘creepy’ movies

10) Only listen to classical music…. Or any gothic artist.

– writingdilegently


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