The Internet is leaking (short story)


When I pulled over on the dirt road, I thought I was just seeing things. I had to get out and see for myself. I followed the pixilated path down to the little town. I’ve driven past here near 100 times. I never saw it before….

The first store I saw had old things in it. Like, really old things. The original apple computers, VHS tapes, typewriters…… Then a store read Netflix on a all red building. I walked a bit faster, looking for the town square.

In the center was a staue of some man named Tim Berners-Lee. The town had three main parts. One part led to a forest. Looking in that direction it seemed as if there was a extremely tall man roaming around out there. It didn’t seem too pleasant.

Another part was an art gallery of some sort. The whole part had nothing but crazy pictures of dogs and angry cats.

The third part seemed rather odd….. It was like it was unfinished….. Buildings were broken, it was filled with error signs, and I’m so very sure I saw a UFO…..

I found a directory with the names of all the towns people. It was on an extremely long tablet about 7 feet tall.

Feeling someone behind me, I saw a man with a horse mask. That’s when it dawned on me. The Internet is leaking…..

– writingdilegently



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