On the back of a calculator


Today we used calculators in class. Usually there is a sticker with a conversation chart. Someone peeled this off and wrote a tale of woe, love, life, betrayal and disrespect. It was something like this….

February 20, 2012

I thought you said you loved me. I really thought you cared. I thought you were my friend. Why did you lie to me so many times. I told you that I loved you and I gave you my all but you acted like my love didn’t matter. I can’t believe you. You hooked up with my best friend. Best friend! You told me you would be there for me, but when my dog died you weren’t there. I hate you so much. It’s over now. I’m done with the both of you. I hope you guys are happy together.

thats some deep stuff.

– writingdilegently



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