A bit of a temper….


I may have a bit of a temper….. There is one kid in my school that no one can really. Stand to be around. Even the teachers have had enough of him. He’s the type of person who thinks he is the best at everything and just comes off so snobby and snarky that he can’t maintain friends.

He came to my chemistry class and said ‘Hey guys I’m in your class now.’ You would think he would get the message when we all responded ‘No you don’t. We know for a fact you don’t, so get out.’ Even the teacher told him to leave. But no. ‘Why doesn’t anybody like me?’ He said sarcastically.

Deciding he needed to be told what’s up, I told him what we all felt. ‘We don’t like you because you are cocky, arrogant, and a pain in all of our necks.’

Too much?

– writingdilegently


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