Once upon a time


The great beginning of every fairy tale. ‘Once upon a time…’ But, what does that mean? Once upon a time. How long ago was that time? It starts off sounding as a lie, and a bad one at that. Then why as children do we so openly believe these long bizzare bundles of fiction?

Once, does not have to be so, it could happen over and over, and in a child’s mind it does. Every time a story is told it feels like its told in real time as it is happening.

When is ‘a time’? A time is time. When? Yesterday? Tomorrow? Now? I feel like when we write ‘Once upon a time’ it’s because we feel that what we write should happen. At some point we yearn for these crazy stories to come to life.

Thats all for my crazy rambling today.


– writingdilegently



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