200,000 years ago

We moved forward one more step

A step to great achievement

Great evolution

We became man

Key word Became

We moved into every corner

Of our round round kingdom

Discovered so much from ourselves

And the world around us

Learned to cook

Learned to clean

Learned to hunt

And learned to gather

We became a step advanced

A moment forward

Self aware

And self contemplating

Now 200,000 years on

We are loosing our selves

Day by day

Invention by invention

We cast aside physical change

To something more redundant

Instead of pushing ourselves

We push our things

We no longer become

We create

But not a better world

We create chaos

And misery

And separation from our being

With the little time we have

Why do we waste precious seconds

Collecting more things

Instead of collecting ourselves

– writingdilegently



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