My guidance counselor scares me


This year, we have many new staff members entering our school. Mostly, they suck. One of these people is my guidance counselor. He scares me so much.

First off, he looks like a rather flamboyant skeleton. The flamboyance doesn’t bother me. The latter, however, does.

When I met him there was nothing too odd about him. However, he mentioned one of my male friends multiple times. He asked me to introduce him to my friend. So the following school day, I did just that.

He shook his hand, which he didn’t do to me, and smiled at him. Me and my friend shared strange glances, then we continued on with our day.

I needed to ask him a question, so the next day, I take *male friend* and *female friend* to go see him. He asked for my female friend’s whole name. The other friend, already creeped out by him, hid in the back. As we leave, we hear in an odd voice, ‘*name* Don’t be shy now!’

I refuse to go back to that man’s room by myself.

– writingdilegently


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