10 things I almost always have on me


If I ever go out somewhere that isn’t within 100 miles of my house, I usually have a book bag with me. The bigger the bag, the more useless stuff I tend to throw in there. However, there are a few things I will always have in a book bag.

1) Sketch book. I love drawing. especially in a moving vehicle. There is always something I can use to practice drawing on. Maybe I should post some of my drawings……

2) Mechanical pencil. Always at least one. I refuse to draw in pen.

3) Notebook! I always have crazy story ideas, so I need somewhere to write them down.

4) Black ball point pen. I prefer to write in black ink.

5) $20. Never know when I might have to buy something.

6) School ID. I have it on me in the extremely off chance that where I’m going might have a student discount.

7) Tissues. This one is obvious.

8) Gloves. I don’t know why. I just feel that it’s a necessity.

9) IPod. My music is my savior.

10) And, finally, I always have markers on me. Not only for my sketch book, but also for my skin. And to write in bathroom stalls.

– writingdilegently


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